Here's What It's Actually Like Inside the Icehotel in Sweden

Think husky rides, a frozen dining room, and—ironically?—a sauna.

The Mystery of Italy's Saltless Bread

Trade wars, papal rebellion, or salty hams. Why does central Italian bread have no salt?
via Atlas Obscura

The 60-Mile Darién Gap Leaves the Pan-American Highway Forever Incomplete

The Guinness Book of World Records has called the Pan-American Highway the world's "longest motorable road," but it's not really one single road.

UNILAD Adventure

Spa goals.

The 23 Best Sandwiches in America

From NOLA's best po'boy to a braised oxtail French dip in Portland. via Tasting Table

11 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Budapest

Budapest has it all: castles, palaces, parks, and some of the best Art Nouveau architecture in Europe.

The 10 Best Places in the World to Retire

Where to go when you're done working (forever).

30 Beautiful Winter Wonderlands Around the World

Who says winter has to be gray and boring?

The 10 Most Beautiful Bridges in the World

Simply stunning.

20 European Cities to Visit in 2018

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The Best (and Most Affordable) Winter Honeymoon Destinations

They're perfect for a Valentine's Day getaway, too. 😉

Under New Delta Policy, You'll Have to Leave That Emotional Support Turkey at Home

Your comfort turkeys, possums, and snakes will now have to stay home.

This San Francisco Bar's Menu Is an Airline Safety Card

If only every airline made cocktails this good.

See Westminster Abbey Lit Up to Look Like Stained Glass

Westminster Abbey is getting lit.

So You Want to Go to New Orleans? Here's What You Should Know

Lesson number one? Don't burn yourself out with Sazeracs, Bourbon Street, and all-night jam sessions.

The 7 Stages of Your Flight Being Cancelled

7 ways to help yourself when your flight gets canceled (that don't involve screaming with rage)

Fly to Peru for Just $461 Round-Trip

If you're looking to fly south for the winter, we've got good news.

How to Pack for a Trip to Morocco

All the “huh, I never would have thought about that" style tips you could ever need for Morocco.

The 5 Most Luxurious Train Rides in the World

It's like a 5-star hotel on wheels.

United Is Adding Way Better Seats to Flights This Year

They’ll have more room, better food, free booze—and still cost less than business class.

Flat Packing Versus Rolling: Which Actually Saves More Space?

We conducted a highly unscientific packing experiment, and the results even surprised us.

10 Most Expensive Places to Live in the World

These countries have a cost of living higher than anywhere else in the world.

The 18 Places to Travel in 2018

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Why Being a 'Mountain Person' Is a Real Thing

Because they're something to conquer.

10 Most Incredible Hotel Brunches in the World

You haven't seen a hotel brunch like this before.

An Illustrated Guide to Risking Your Life in New Zealand

All of our favorite extreme one handy map.

25 Beautiful Places to Visit in Japan

Ask anyone who has visited, and they'll tell you: Japan is easily one of the most stunning places in the world.

This New Phone Case Can Transform Into a Drone

Coolest phone case EVER. via Architectural Digest

This 16-Minute Flight Is Absolutely Perfect For Wine Lovers

And it's the shortest flight in the U.S.

How to Pack for a Long-Haul Flight

These travel hacks can seriously improve a six-hour-plus journey.

Timeline Photos

There's camping, and then there's *camping*

Photo by Joonas Linkola

The Best Bucket List Spa Day Trips

Treat yourself this winter. via goop

You Can Watch the Northern Lights Like a Damn Superhero

One company has just introduced what might literally be the coolest way to catch a glimpse of Mother Nature's light display.

You Might Have Flown Over the North Pole and Not Even Known It

Stay awake on your next flight from New York to Hong Kong, and you may catch a glimpse of the Arctic.

The One Dish You Can't Leave Rome Without Eating

Plus the one dish you should never, ever order.

This Mother-Daughter Duo Created a Safe Option for Solo Female Travel

For solo female travelers, it's a way to offer not just the safety of numbers, but the comfort of friends.

The Best Airlines in the U.S.

Who has the best in-flight Wi-Fi? The comfiest seats? The friendliest staff? The results might surprise you.

The Best City in the World

No matter how many times you visit Tokyo, you'll always discover even more to love.

The Most Stylish Flight Attendant Uniforms in the Sky

Even as drink carts pummel your elbows and your seatback TVs flicker and go dark, there’s still a tiny sliver of glamour for some airlines: the clothes.

The Best Frequent Flier Programs of 2018

Who’s your #1?

The 19 Most Anticipated Restaurants of 2018

You can plan a whole vacation around these restaurants. via Eater

Why You Should (Almost) Never Give Up Your Plane Seat

To get up, or not to get up—whose side are you on?

The Most Romantic Small Towns in Europe

In need of a romantic getaway? Skip the clichés and head to one of these small lovely European towns instead.

The Shortest International Flight in North America Takes 12 Minutes

You're in the air for less time than it takes to negotiate a cable bill, or eat a burrito.

Airline Partnerships Are Confusing—But They Don't Have to Be

Confused about how JetBlue and Japan Airlines go together? Yeah, we were, too.

This Woman's Travels Inspired A Must-See Art Museum

Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a great place to spend an afternoon. But it's all the more fascinating when you learn the story behind the woman who gives it its name.

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