8 Tips for Dressing Like a French Woman

Rule #1: Leave your miniskirts and heels at home.

All the Gear You Need to Actually Sleep on a Plane

Because nothing is more important than sleep—especially when you're traveling.

Germany Is Fighting Pollution with Free Public Transportation

The country known for BMW and Mercedes-Benz is going above and beyond to achieve a carbon-neutral state. via Architectural Digest

The Unwritten Rules of Driving in Italy

Get insurance. We repeat, get insurance.

Here's How Pilots Actually 'Make Up' Time in the Air

Here's what it actually means when you hear a pilot say they're trying to "make up time in the air." http://cntrvlr.co/FfoZAVQ

The Louvre Abu Dhabi Just Opened an Art Gallery on a Highway

The "Highway Gallery" sits alongside an hour-long, 85-mile stretch of the busy road in celebration of the UAE Innovation Month.

In Need of Alone Time? Take a Cruise

Yep, we said it: The best place to be alone is on a cruise, hands down.

Hawaii Wants to Ban Chemical Sunscreens Because They're Bad for Coral Reefs

Sunscreen may be good for your skin, but not always good for nature’s underwater creations.

Air Italy Is Europe’s Newest Airline

A rebrand of Meridiana promises cheaper flights from the U.S. to Italy, as soon as this summer.

This Sardinian Town May Ban Towels to Save Popular Beach

Sardinia to beachgoers: Stop taking our sand with you when you leave.

Gerard Butler Teaches You Scottish Slang

Gerard Butler is teaching us the art of Scottish slang (including what "haud yer wheesht" means), via Vanity Fair.

Fly U.S. to Singapore for Only $515 Round-Trip

And what to do once you're there? Eaaaaat.

Why the First Thing We Do in Hotel Rooms Is a Huge Mistake

Be careful where you put your suitcase.

The 12 Most Scenic Islands in the World

Islands are generally pretty gorgeous. They are islands after all. But these may be the fairest of them all.

The World's Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens

Proof that spring is on its way.

All the Meals in Italy We’d Take a Detour For

Where you'll find the best sea urchin pasta in Sicily, steak in Tuscany, licorice root risotto in Veneto, and so much more...

The Case For Postponing Your Honeymoon

Today, it's no longer a given that you'll be off to Hawaii or the Bahamas on the same day that you'll be nursing your wedding hangover.

10 Most Popular Airbnbs Around the World

Think mushroom-shaped cabins in the woods, a treehouse in Bali, and a Mexican villa shaped like a seashell.

10 Things We Wish We Knew Before We Visited Tokyo

Etiquette is impenetrable—and mistakes are unforgivable.

The Most Beautiful National Park Hotels in the U.S.

Why sleep in a tent when you can stay here?

You Can Now Become a Professional Chocolate Taste Tester in the UK

Your dream job is now hiring...

The Perfect Day in Havana

Humor, antiquity, music, art, laughter, the sea: Havana is all that and much more. via Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

The Story Behind Those Funny Airport Codes

LAX, FLL, ATH, ORD, LOL, OMG, and more.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia Is an Italy Far Removed from Its Stereotypes

Over the mountains and through the woods is a region stuck in time...that feels like nowhere else in Italy.

Timeline Photos

You can't beat this hotel room's view. http://cntrvlr.co/mD4uj9h

5 Island Getaways That Don't Require a U.S. Passport

See you there this winter!

The Most Underrated Islands in the U.S.

America has some truly world-class islands to visit—many you may have never even heard of.

Finding the Heart of the Ancient Silk Road in Uzbekistan

This Central Asian country, with its tiled cities, vast deserts, and bazaars full of textiles and ceramics, is still unmarred by tourism. http://cntrvlr.co/xyG0o6g

This Overlooked South American City Is Now a Top Design Destination

Chile’s buzzy capital is no longer only a stopover city. via Architectural Digest

Driving Germany's 'Romantic Road'

It seems impossible that a route billed as the "Romantic Road," winding through medieval villages and tiny Bavarian towns with half-timbered homes and cherry-red flowers in window boxes, could remain romantic for half a century—yet it has.

Carnival Cruise Line Has 'Zero Tolerance' for Unruly Passengers

A full investigation has been launched into what some passengers called the "cruise from hell."

7 Places Where the U.S. Dollar Is Really Strong Right Now

Because all those life-changing meals, rejuvenating hotel stays, and outdoor adventures can add up to a painful hit to the wallet.

Timeline Photos

This ring-shaped hotel in Norway will have 360-degree views of the Arctic: http://cntrvlr.co/pHo4f00

You Can Fly Round-Trip to Hawaii for $460

Don't miss out on another long weekend at the beach.

Ballyfin: Our Favorite Castle Hotel

Want to live like a royal? You need to visit this Irish mansion. http://cntrvlr.co/sFmzZfc

America's 10 Most Road Trip-Worthy National Parks

Spring road trip, anyone?

The Best Time to Book a Vacation Rental for Every Holiday

You've still got time to get the perfect summer beach rental.

PyeongChang Is One of the Coldest Winter Olympic Sites

It's so cold that there's a global shortage of on-hand warmer ingredients.

18 U.S. Cities That Are Completely Underrated

Sometimes, it takes a wedding or a business trip to bring us to different parts of the country, but these American cities—from Athens, Georgia to Boise, Idaho—make great destinations unto themselves.

8 Tourist Attractions That Are Worth the Wait

"Should I really spend two hours in line for this?" If you're at these places, yes.

This Resort Wants You to Be Its 'Chief Flamingo Officer'

BRB, going to get my degree in zoology.

13 Places to Visit in Denmark That Aren't Copenhagen

Venture outside of the capital city and visit these other stunning places Denmark has to offer.

The Hottest Destinations of 2018, According to Airbnb

Want to know where to go before your friends do in 2018? Check this list. http://cntrvlr.co/ntAxI3u

This Man Has Been Living On Cruise Ships for Twenty Years

Mario Salcedo took his first cruise almost twenty years ago—and never stopped.

12 Things the Italians Do Better Than Us

Coffee and leather shoes, to start.

This Is When to Visit All U.S. National Parks for Free in 2018

The National Park Service slashed free-access days from ten to four this year, so be sure to plan ahead.

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